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Your choice of furniture can be personalised to your specific style and needs. The process can be truly bespoke.
This can also extend to an upcycle project you may see in the projects section if you catch it before it is finished!

Here's how it works: Welcome
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A visit is always welcome and can sometimes assist greatly in the process. Feeling and seeing the materials can really be the deciding factor of what you go with. If you have an idea of what you would like, samples can be ordered in prior to your visit. The process can be very organic and enjoyable. There are no rights or wrongs except to chose a suitable material for your use. The main thing is that you are in love with your end piece!

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The key designs are predominantly made in various thicknesses of high grade Birch plywood. An untouched piece will come in it's raw state with the option to wax/oil, if for internal use. This helps to help protect the ply from daily staining including natural oils from the skin.
For external furniture a marine plywood would be required which would then be varnished to extend the longevity of the piece.
Depending on the interiors and style that you would like, veneering, laminating, staining, or even a printed image are all options. The end grain of the plywood will always be visible as a trademark aesthetic.



There are various options from a wooden seat, jute, leather or rope to a cushioned covered finish, all giving you the choice of colours and styles. You may even want to have an array of colours combined! There is always help and advise to hand based on the use, size and location within the environment that the piece will reside in.

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Firstly, is your chosen design for an adult or a child. As a bench option you are able to dictate how many seats you would like or even if you would rather an individual stool version. Should you choose to have a stool it may be the case that you would like a taller option. Each order is created with you in mind. If you are struggling to decide on the size you would like, a site visit can be arranged to measure up the area, dependant on where you are based.

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If you need a helping hand with sizes and styles a site visit can be arranged dependant on your location or you can get in contact with images of the space and ideas of styles you may like the piece to be based around. There are no set rules. Assis! by i.l.j allows you to have fun with your pieces.

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