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With the environment in mind we have created a notebook and packaging using all natural elements that can be recycled and reused. All elements have been designed and added by hand for practical day to day use with the option to replace the pages when required.

Each notebook is sent wrapped in fabric reminants and ribbon reducing the need for bubble wrap but also making it ideal for a present or even a treat for you!

Cover size: 160mm W x 220mm H

If you'd like to put your own touch on the notebook please contact us for personalisation options.

Please note: Although the wood has been sanded and waxed to a high standard, there may be natural imperfections within the grain that will lend to the unique character of each notebook. Paper configuration of colours and fabric packaging will vary.


  • All elements are responsibly resourced: 

    Wood - FSC rated

    Binder - 100% cotton

    Elastic holder - Rescued from landfill

    Paper - G.F. Smith Extract Range amongst others - all using recycling methods. (see below for more details) 


    A large percentage is from the G.F. Smith Extract range using the CupCycling ™ technology developed by the James Cropper Mill which leaves zero percent waste. 

    The mill has nearly two centuries of experience. They patented their own technology, CupCycling ™ which was four years in the making, and their CupCycling ™ plant was opened by the Queen in 2013 as the first of its kind. It is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway cups. 

    Assis! by i.l.j & Constance Posey have collaborated to bring this exclusive limited collection of engraved brichwood notebooks. Designed to reduce our carbon footprint, these notebooks have been produced using responsibly resourced, recycled and natural elements only. The pages are made from a variety of recycled and rescued sheets before they hit the landfill. A large percentage include the G.F. Smith Extract range and white pages also made from recycled takeaway cups, using zero-waste CupCycling™ technology developed by James Cropper, one of the oldest traditional paper mills in the UK.

    Refill paper: LANDSCAPE

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