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It's important to reduce our waste and shop kindly


Here's how. This list is compiled of suppliers and manufacturers who respect the planet and animals. They have traceable ways to provide you with beautiful, sustainable and ethical pieces. I will use, at every opportunity, companies who are helping to protect and save our planet. These companies hold the same ethos as Assis Interiors to reduce our footprint. Please now do your bit by using them. This list will grow...

A British based company offering a range of handmade bed bases, headboards, mattresses, duvets, pillows and all bedding for both nursery and adults using all natural and organic fillings and materials. They also have a nursery furniture range all handmade in Devon. All natural and chemical free products.

The Woolroom:
A British based company offering fully traceable bedding, expertly handcrafted products using materials from British farmers, supporting British farmers. They also offer nursery bedding and children and baby clothes. All natural and chemical free products.

Ferreira De Sa:
An Italian based bespoke rug company with a range of sustainable and waste-reducing rugs in collaboration with Econyl.  

A Danish based company with showrooms in the UK. Their unique and custom-made rugs are made by skilled workers employing traditional craftsmanship and using the finest materials. Many of the rugs, from large knotted statement pieces to fine tufted have stories behind them. With a choice of either standard sizes or custom made sizes. Samples available on request.

Happy Tapis:
Vintage rugs from Morocco. A large unique range constantly changing. Rich warm earth colours and traditional Berber rugs. 

A Danish based company at the forefront of sustainability, repurposing, and recycling has a wide variety of fabrics for both exterior and interior. samples available on request.

LF Trading:
LF Trading as Belgian Royal Warrant Holder, but also as a young company that strongly believes in a zero waste future. Using mostly Oeko - Tex certified linen and hemp locally grown in combination with a water based, bleach free dying process, and incredible creativity makes of this company one of designers favorites. In addition, many of their fabrics are pre-shrunk and suitable to be washed at low temperatures. Samples can be requested and all technical details are added.

A conscious choice for eco-formulations, recycled packaging, sustainable logistics, operations and eco-accessories. Carbon offset too, supporting UN Gold projects. Their ethos, wherever they can, is to make paint better. They take vehicles off the road, reduce waste, prioritise sustainable materials and support charitable initiatives with Crisis to end homelessness in the UK. They also recycle your left over paint in to new paint products and reuse the tins whilst providing accurate self adhesive samples, so no unwanted tins left over. And all for next day delivery. A good choice for those wanting to make things better for all of us whilst buying British made.

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