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So as you can keep on using your wooden notebook we have provided a choice of refill paper. Add or replace to be able to continue to use and enjoy your limited edition notepad. Mix up the papers and try a new colourway or add to your existing colourway!


Please note: Paper configuration of colours will vary from imgaes seen. Please chose correct hole positioning for your pad. Side holes - Portrait. Top holes - Landscape or refer to your original product if unsure.


  • Refill paper - G.F. Smith Extract Range amongst others - all using recycling methods. (see below for more details) 


    A large percentage is from the G.F. Smith Extract range using the CupCycling ™ technology developed by the James Cropper Mill which leaves zero percent waste. 

    The mill has nearly two centuries of experience. They patented their own technology, CupCycling ™ which was four years in the making, and their CupCycling ™ plant was opened by the Queen in 2013 as the first of its kind. It is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway cups. 

    Designed to reduce our carbon footprint, these notebooks have been created to be reused. The pages are made from a variety of recycled and rescued sheets before they hit the landfill. A large percentage include the G.F. Smith Extract range and white pages also made from recycled takeaway cups, using zero-waste CupCycling™ technology developed by James Cropper, one of the oldest traditional paper mills in the UK.

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