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If you are not into the bigger pieces then this page may be more for you. You will find evolving homeware and practical pieces that will not break the bank but will respect the planet. Much thought has gone into making each item as resourceful and reusable as possible. No harmful or plastic products have been used in the making. Some have been upcycled to preserve as many

pre-existing materials as possible so as to leave as little a footprint on the planet

The Accessory Collection: Product


Individual letters, stand option available

Ideal for a childs name for walls, doors or surfaces with a stand. 

Natural option: Birch Plywood, top grade

Two size options available:

Larger individual letter height - 122mm 

Smaller individual letter height - 67mm 

From £38 for a name set

Delivery included within England

Collection and multiple orders would reduce the cost shown


A5 waxed illustrated birch plywood refillable notepad

Ideal as either a gift or for personal use. 

The pages are made from a variety of waste sheets, FSC rated, recycled and rescued before they hit landfill. A large percentage is from the G.F. Smith Extract range using the CupCycling ™ technology. Developed by the James Cropper Mill which leaves zero percent waste and has nearly two centuries of experience. They patented their own technology CupCycling ™ which was four years in the making, and their CupCycling ™ plant was opened by the Queen in 2013 as the first of its kind. It is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway cups.


Ideal as a gift these frames can be customised or kept simple.

The standard size is for a photograph 5x7" but again, this can be customised if required. 

The material is responsibly sourced FCS rated top grade birch plywood. The frame comes in two parts with a back and a front along with a glass insert which are held together by a magnet close so easy to remove and insert images. There is also the option to hang or stand. 

Please email if you would like to find out more whilst fresh designs are being created. Or if you have something in mind just ask!

Main stock coming soon...

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